Kingsbury Green Academy Students Proud To Wear Their New Uniform

As Kingsbury Green Academy opens its doors for the first time ever on September 5, we asked the students about their new uniform and what being part of a new school means to them.

Kingsbury Green Academy students proud to wear their new uniform

Ben in Y8 said, ‘I love the new uniform and was really pleased that my choice of tie was voted the winner during the student vote’. He is referring to the school wide consultation on the new uniform for Kingsbury Green Academy. The student vote was overwhelmingly in favour of the uniform you can see in these photos and captures our desire to deliver ‘excellence’ on a personal level for all students.

Kingsbury Green Academy students proud to wear their new pe kit

Amy in Y9 also likes the new uniform, especially the tartan inspired skirt. She said, “The new skirt is so classy and makes me feel like I go to one of the best schools in the country. I also love the new school values that are displayed on the Kingsbury Green signpost”. Amy is referring to the values that form the identity and culture of Kingsbury Green Academy.

kingsbury green academy signpost

These values inform every element of school life and will enable the young people in our care to face any challenges that lie ahead. They are in essence, the soul of the school.

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